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Rural Houses

Rehabilitate and add value to Portugal in land.
Rural Houses aims to rehabilitate houses in poor state or in ruin, creating conditions for growth in forgotten areas of the country by bringing new ideas, projects and investment.

The focus is to maintain the essence of each house, preserving years of history so new memories can be formed.

We aim to maintain the essence of each place, which is defined between the heritage that exists in each town, traditions and cultures that justifies it’s own existence throughout history.
Rural Houses main goal is to bring together history, respecting the identity of each house, trying to intervene as little as possible with both the ecosystem and the surroundings by using the same materials and taking advantage of the landscape.


Real Estate Solutions

Using our experience and work in the National and International market we present real estate solutions.

To grow as a company, we understand we need a professional attitude that prioritises our relationship with our clients. Our approach is tailor made to each client, presenting bespoke solutions. We listen, evaluate and present proposals that add value.
We provide constant supervision throughout the entire process. We know it is paramount to keep you informed, as for many this is one of your biggest life decisions.

by Visionary Fragment

Development of Architecture and Design Projects

Adding life and personality to a new space or an area that needs rehabilitation deserves constant, personalized monitoring. What furniture to keep? What to combine? What to add?

It is with this in mind that we have a design team, dedicated to your project and committed to your goal: to create your dream space.

Our expertise comes from proximity to the customer needs, wishes and attention to detail, factors that make our design so unique.
From housing projects, to senior residences, to professional buildings (offices), to hotels or other projects of a touristic nature, our concern is comfort and sustainability.

Our approach is a turnkey proposal, since we are present at every stage of the project: from the execution of the architectural and specialty projects, their submission to the official entities and supervision on the construction site.

                      "Daily focus on growth, continuous value creation, and continuous performance improvement."

Real estate investment is currently one of the sectors that ensures the greatest security and profitability.
We connect owners, investors, and means of financing.

We develop strategic investment plans.

At PROFIT we study and analyze your real estate investment project in detail.

Regardless of the nature of the projects (strategic tourism development plans or small projects), we identify, invest, advise, and propose the best solutions, connecting owners and investors (national and international) to investment mechanisms that provide protection and valorization of their heritage.

Given our proximity to our clients, we accompany the development of the entire financing process, whether it be real estate funds or national programs to support real estate investment for national and international investors.

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